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Creating Wealth with Real Estate

Multifamily Apartment Investing

Crown Property Group is an investment firm focused exclusively on multifamily real estate assets. We are dedicated to helping our investors achieve financial freedom through successful re-positioning of multifamily properties.

About Crown Property Group

In today’s volatile economic environment, investors have come to embrace multifamily real estate as a stable and successful investment vehicle. That said, most investors don’t have the time or desire to manage the complex commercial property life-cycle themselves. Crown Property Group was formed to simplify these opportunities and make them more accessible to our community of investors. Our mission is to identify, acquire, and manage income producing properties on behalf of our investors.

Strategic Property Selection

Carrying over 40 years of experience, our team utilizes a system of multiple factors when analyzing a property for consideration. Performance indicators such as the location’s employment stability, population growth, and resiliency in times of economic recession are just a few careful considerations analyzed before looking at individual property performance.

Adding Significant Value

We target opportunities where we can add significant value, both to the financial performance of the property and the community of our local residents. By targeting assets that have obvious upside potential for greater performance, we make the necessary adjustments or capital improvements needed to create more equity for our investors.

Re-Position and Disposition

Once our value-add targets have been met, we move swiftly to disposition the asset and pay our investors. We have experienced a tremendous retention rate within our investor community, as our strong performance as multifamily operators has been proven time and time again.

Let's Discuss Further

Interested in more information? One of our team members would be glad to host a more comprehensive review of our strategy and upcoming investment opportunities.
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